YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream

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Diana Beck
YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream
YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream
YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream

YouTube has more videos than you can watch for your whole life; it’s already proven. The most influential streaming video service of the world is easier to use on mobile devices with its official app. The app’s interface is similar to what you see on the web page. As you open the main page, you may start watching suggested videos or search for a particular one or for videos on some topic. Tabs available in the bottom of the screen can open trending videos, the channels you have subscribed to, your incoming messages (direct ones and notifications about events on your own channel) and your video library. As you tap a video, it starts playing. In portrait mode it’s played in a windowed mode within the app; it just takes repositioning your phone to landscape mode to make it full screen. It goes out to vertical videos as well (no matter how ugly that looks). But most videos are landscape-oriented, and this method works. You can select video quality, though in most cases the app detects the best possible one automatically, concerning its original quality and your bandwidth. And even if it underestimates your connection, you can adjust the quality manually. Control panel is available right upon the video, including a progress bar and volume control. In the upper row, there is an icon of broadcasting video to your Apple TV (or any AirPlay devices), a streaming button and search button. Tapping on your own avatar (if you have logged in with your Google account) opens your YouTube profile. Watching good videos is fun, but the YouTube app offers all it takes to become a vlogger with just your phone. You can stream your videos live or prepare them for uploading with a built-in video editor. Though we’d recommend using a third party editing app (even iMovie will do better), YouTube editor has its pros, like, say, a good library of free music you can use in your stories with no copyright issues.’ If you run your own channel, you get notified about all new events (views, comments, new subscribers and so on) with this very app. It also lets you comment and communicate on your videos. Even more features are unlocked if you subscribe to YouTube Premium. With subscription, you can access YouTube Music that doesn’t necessarily need the screen on to play music. It features exclusive content like full-length movies that are usually unavailable. And (the main reason for many users) it gets you rid of ads you probably hate.


  • The greatest video library in the world
  • Selectable quality
  • Basic vlogging tools built-in
  • Even more possibilities with YouTube Premium.


  • YouTube Music requires a separate app
  • Video editor is too basic.
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