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TeamViewer is a great productivity app that enables you to remotely access your PC in an easy, fast and secure manner. TeamViewer gives you the power to control your PC remotely, accessing files and managing the machine as if you had it there with you. Whether you are on vacation or away from the office, you can still support your clients and colleagues as you can access installed applications. Once logged in, you can send files conveniently as well as administrate unattended computers such as servers. You can transfer data from your PC to your mobile device and vice versa. With this app, you don’t have to be confined to your office. The app has a fairly appealing design, and the visuals are consistent throughout the pages of the interface. This design in terms of component layout is familiar for many users. The interface has been made simple, as elements have been neatly organized and categorized for faster navigation. The support section displays a list of computers and customers in a neat way. This fosters efficient management of both customers and machines. A chatting page has your chat history with a given contact in a simple and understandable layout. Usability of the app is seamless. Everything about it is entirely clear as the app has a familiar layout. The home page has a design that parallels the PC interface depending on your machine’s operating system. On the other hand, chat features look similar to conventional messaging apps used on mobile devices. You can intuitively interact with features using simple touch control gestures. Without any difficulties, you can access your PCs behind firewalls and proxy servers. As you access your computers remotely, you can be confident of stringent security standards which ensure privacy and confidentiality of your data and files.​

TeamViewer: Remote Control
TeamViewer: Remote Control


  • Uses 2-factor authentication before connecting to PC
  • Access and transfer files between your connected devices
  • Offers multi-monitor support
  • Has Wake-On LAN for remotely switching on your PC.


  • The administrative backend is not as intuitive as the UI
  • Difficulty in accessing public file shares.
out of 5


TeamViewer is an ingenious solution for interacting with your PCs remotely. Remote access to your machines could never be easier. Among other things, the app not only allows you to access files but also share them with others. Owing to unmatched usability, fast performance and an easy-to-use interface, this app is worth your consideration.

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TeamViewer: Remote Control
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  • Yeah, Teamviewer is good. Additionally, you may also try a R-HUB remote support server for all your remote support needs. It is easy to use and works well.
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  • very good
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  • juts is perfec for me thanks ineed
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  • How do I download free TeamView, I have wipe computer clean, need this program installed.
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