OfferUp - Buy. Sell. Simple.

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Diana Beck
OfferUp - Buy. Sell. Simple.
OfferUp - Buy. Sell. Simple.

OfferUp is an online shopping app that enables buyers and sellers to trade conveniently right from their mobile devices. Sellers can post listings of items they intend to part with, and buyers can browse through them in search of products they are interested in. This mobile marketplace is characterized by efficiency as sellers can create listings in a matter of seconds. There are safety features that help you analyze the reliability of the other party before closing a deal. There is a built-in messaging feature that enables you to communicate securely. You can work on building your reputation in the marketplace for great deals. When it comes to design, the developers certainly did an excellent job. The visuals are presented in nice shades of green and well elaborated by minimalistic font texts. Without fear of contradiction, the layout of the app is a designer’s dream. The design is familiar as it resembles other commonly used apps (such as Pinterest) in regards to the arrangement and organization of listings in a matrix layout. Clarity of the interface is certain, as there are no unnecessary components and features included. In short, if it’s about looks, the app has got it all. As to usability and controls, all features in the app can be performed by following a few simple steps. For example, sellers enjoy great efficiency when putting up a product for sale. It is easy for buyers to browse items by simply performing a product search. Results are returned according to the keywords entered. Communication with other users is quick and secure since you do not have to talk with a stranger using your personal contact information directly. For enhanced relevance of listings and search results, you can sort items according to their categories and location. There’s no doubt about the simple usability, all thanks to a user-friendly interface.​


  • Quickly search for desired items
  • Sell with convenience by listing things in a few steps
  • Sellers are not charged listing fees
  • Directly message the other party.


  • There are fake accounts
  • Personal safety remains to be a concern when dealing with strangers if you are to meet up.
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OfferUp Inc.
Ios, Android
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