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The channel founded by NBC and Microsoft (which later sold its shares to NBC) is now one of the most influential American channels, both on air and online. Since 2010 it’s a serious rival to CNN and other news sources, being watched by about 100 million American households, and not only. This was achieved through policy of active creating new formats, promoting new personalities, and responding to any event that matters. Like any decent TV app, MSNBC offers you live stream along with its guide, allowing setting up reminders to watch something scheduled for later right in it.  At any moment it shows visualized list of shows and stories available, and even before remembering certain names you can tap the familiar picture to start watching. AS for TV shows on MSNBC, new episodes become available in the app the day after they’re aired.

When we say ‘’shows”, we must acknowledge that MSNBC mostly produces talk shows on political and social issues, not serials. Yet that makes MSNBC what it is. Any episode can be watched on demand any day after it’s become available. You can put some titles on your Favorites list to access them quicker. If you can’t sit down till the end for some reason, you don’t need to bookmark the moment you quit; the app saved it automatically, so you will continue it from this very moment later. There are separate versions of the app for iPhone and iPad, the latter utilizing a larger screen better. Watch the streams right on them, or, if you have an AirPlay-compatible TV, stream the picture directly to it. For Apple TV there is a special version adapted for using its original remote control and still compatible with iPhone and iPad versions. Thus you can watch MSNBC with your stationary device when at home and mobile one when away, with the same account.

Watching MSNBC on your iPhone or iPad requires no special subscription. It only takes the login and the password by your local TV provider; they will fit, with no additional fees. If you’re still not sure whether it’s worth this, you may try demo mode, with three episodes available for free during the trial month. Though MSNBC is not available worldwide (only in separate countries), the rest of the world is covered by its sister channels, like CNBC World, Euronews, Sky News, and others. But even where it works, the app may experience sudden freezes or bugs with displaying main videos or ads running out of schedule. It cannot be blamed on carriers, as rivalling apps and services run well on the same base. So work it out, MSNBC!



  • Requires no special subscription
  • News and shows available
  • Streaming quality up to 1080p
  • Apple TV app.


  • Available only in USA, Canada, South Africa, Kenya, and Middle East
  • Irritating ads
  • Freezes and stops when you least expect.
out of 5


If you watch your TV for news and commentaries rather than entertaining shows or movies, MSNBC is the right choice for you, though you can feel discomfort with ads and freezes while streaming. We must admit that these issues became much less irritating last year, due to constructive updates. But they haven’t completely gone; so maybe the channel should involve Microsoft again?

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