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Minecraft is a crafting sandbox game which everyone has heard of. It features a huge open world, which you can interact with in multiple ways. You can also play with your friends. Realms in Minecraft are generated randomly and a player starts at a random point. If you are into exploration and crafting it is a very good game to check it out.

Graphics 3/5

Minecraft’s graphics consist of blocks. It does not sound too appealing, but those blocks give the game its charm and unique atmosphere. Moreover, the graphics are not demanding at all, so you can unleash your creativity even on the old PC. It is also easier to manipulate resources when all of them are just blocks, not very realistic though. The user interface is made by a principle of simplicity. However, with the recent updates, you can move items to a hot bar while shift-clicking. 

Controls 4/5

The controls are typical for this type of game. Yet they can differ from platform to platform. For PC you will perform the most of the actions with the mouse. Also, it is possible to set up keys according to your taste. However, we believe that the most comfortable controls are in the Minecraft Switch version.

Lasting Appeal 5/5

Multiplayer, survival mode, multiple opportunities for crafting, and the sense of ownership makes Minecraft a perfect game for replay. There is no finish point in the game. It is hard to stop when you have built a whole town, so you will likely return to Minecraft with a new bunch of ideas. Lasting Appeal of this game is so high that people spend thousands of hours in Minecraft, gathering resources and crafting.  First, it can be practical tools, then fortifiers for your town, finishing with the beautiful décor parts. And all of the above is made from the raw materials, isn’t it fun? The only disadvantage of this game is how addicted it could become.

Difficulty 2/5

The playing is not difficult at all. But when you have gathered all kinds of different resources you will likely realize that you do not know what to do with them. Minecraft does not offer players any type of guidance. You should go to Minecraft wiki and just read through recipes, following them. Survival mode can bring some difficulties, so you better step in prepared. In general, Minecraft follows our world’s physics and is quite realistic in that matter. So you better not jump into a suspicious pit or something.

It can seem that Minecraft lacks text or NPCs but there is a great feeling of achievement when you are only one against the world. Many people continue to play it because of it. Occasional bugs can also ruin the experience a little.


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July 9, 2019
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