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No more pursuing Windows Phone exclusivity after officially proclaiming it dead, Microsoft offers its services on other mobile platforms instead. Microsoft Word for iOS is one of MS Office apps, along with Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, that makes your iDevice as powerful as a PC (concerning office works). MS Word is available separately for iPad and for iPhone, with interface differences, iPad version utilizing a larger screen more efficiently. It’s better for creating new documents based on various templates and layouts. A large selection of these is available just as you launch the app. Select the one that suits your future document the best! Insert pictures, type text, copy and paste it throughout the doc, embed tables and links, do anything you need. Typing is easy both on touch keyboard and on Bluetooth hardware keyboard; the app responds quickly both ways. You can use formatting options almost as advanced as in the desktop version as well. Thanks to developers, finally we can open Word documents and see them formatted correctly, no matter what device they were created with. With this app you can access Word files attached to emails or stored on OneDrive that requires logging in with your Microsoft account. Creating new files and editing existing ones on iPad Pro 10.5” or larger, though, is impossible unless you subscribe to Office365. But with this subscription you suddenly have a wider range of options, like collaboration on any given document, sharing it to anyone (including those not on Office365). On devices equipped with 9.7” screen or smaller, you don’t even need a paid subscription to edit and save documents, though you can access the rest of Office365 features only with a subscription. As you work with documents, you can access most features you will ever need. Formatting text with selecting bold, italic, underlined, or crossed fragments; editing borders and paragraph parameters; searching within the text and editing its properties, even printing if a network printer is available. It may take some time to get used to its menu, not at all reminding modern ribbon interface of desktop versions; but you need to know it’s all there. So, Word for iOS is a powerful text processor, as soon as you subscribe to Office365. In fact, it’s a service frontend app rather than a standalone one, and if you got used to Microsoft Office before it got so cloud, it’s time to review your attitude.

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word


  • Fully compatible with desktop versions, OneDrive and Office365
  • Lots of patterns and templates for new documents
  • Opening and reading documents is free
  • Formatting is preserved.


  • Editing and saving files on iPad Pro 10.5 requires Office365 subscription
  • There are free alternatives (like Pages).
out of 5


If you want something more feature-packed than Pages, Word is quite good. Using it on iPhone or iPad can even be a reason to switch to Office365 subscription instead of buying standalone versions. This editor is capable of doing almost anything that desktop version can. But without a subscription, it’s not even half as great as it can be.

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Microsoft Word
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