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Microsoft Excel is an excellent app for all your spreadsheet needs. It enables you to view, create, edit and share workbooks in a quick and simplified manner. Microsoft Excel gives you incredible flexibility when it comes to features with which you can manipulate and analyze data. There are numerous statistical and mathematical functions that you can use to conduct an analysis. Data visualization is well taken care of, as the app offers you a ton of presentation features such as graphs. The good thing is that you can access, review and analyze data on the go or if you don’t have access to a PC. The app lets you customize your spreadsheets according to your preferences with robust formatting tools. Shifting gears to the visuals and design of the UI, the developers have done an impressive job on this. Spreadsheets are known for their overwhelming looks, but Microsoft Excel comes with a whole lot of appealing graphical components that lighten up the interface. Graphics are colorful since various elements, and sections of charts are displayed in vibrant colors. Icons are clear — you will intuitively figure out what function is associated with a specific button. User friendliness and accessibility of features must have been a core consideration during the development of this application. The design of the app is a key contributor to its great usability, as it is pretty easy for a new user to enjoy basic features. However, there are complex secondary functions such as those for data analysis, and these have a steep learning curve if a user is not conversant with them. Things such as creating spreadsheets are instinctive considering that you follow a few simple steps. In a couple of taps, you can share your workbooks with others and let them edit and highlight content for reviewing purposes. In a short while, you will be able to use even the most complex features with ease.​

Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Excel


  • Conveniently share workbooks with others
  • Perform complex analytical functions
  • A wide selection of presentation features such as graphs.


  • Steep learning curve when it comes to functions
  • Extensive data may cause the app to freeze or perform slowly.
out of 5


Microsoft Excel is one of the most reliable and comprehensive spreadsheet management apps for the mobile platform. There is virtually nothing you can’t do with your data as far as analysis is concerned. Considerable usability sets you up for remarkable user experience. If you are looking for convenience in spreadsheets handling and management, Microsoft Excel is the tool to go for.

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Microsoft Excel
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