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Diana Beck

Hangouts is a messaging app that enables you to communicate with other users via messaging, video and voice calls. You can form group chats of up to 150 people. You can use the messaging feature to send multimedia files such as pictures and GIFs. Moreover, integration with Google Maps lets you share your location via a conversation. You can include up to 10 friends in a single video call for free, or voice call them from anywhere around the world and enjoy this service at no cost if they are Hangouts users. You can send messages to friends even if they are offline; they will get the texts once they are back online. The app has a simple but good-looking interface. The combination of white and some shades of green give the app a striking personality. The developers have integrated familiarity of the layout into the design. The messaging feature has an arrangement similar to standard messaging applications on mobile devices, so people can use it intuitively. A dedicated button for a New conversation or New video call is well placed on the bottom right part of the screen. Against a white background, this green button is visible and quickly accessible. The developers didn’t try to reinvent the wheel and used the conventional burger menu for accessing extra options. Considering that most users are familiar with the Hangouts layout after other messaging apps, this app has simple usability. Text elements are concise and accurate in terms of informative content. This enables you to explore various features with simplicity. Minimized clutter provides for easy access to navigational components and other core features. The app integrates efficiently with Google accounts. You can record your conversation sessions with ease. Additionally, you can hold a conversation and send your recipient files such as docs from the app.​


  • Free video and voice calls with other Hangouts users
  • You can share your location easily
  • Great group video calls of up to 10 people.


  • The user base isn’t large
  • Tedious steps in adding a contact.
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Google, Inc.
Ios, Android
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