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Every gamer waited for this game to come out in 2014. Many people were desperate because their PC could not manage Grand Theft Auto 5. But now it is accessible to almost everyone, so if you are interested in action-adventure games with a huge open world, check it out. You can play as a retired bank robber, cold-blooded psychopath, or a young hustler that are trying to survive in the city.

Graphics 5/5

The graphics are still extremely decent-looking though very demanding to the PC setup. Grand Theft Auto looks good with medium graphics too, but it is much worse with minimal graphics settings. We can recommend you to switch off some settings like textures, grass and particles, reflections, city density slider, water quality, shaders and so on if your PC is not that strong.

With the highest graphics, the game is extremely good and realistic. It is just an extreme pleasure to play it on PC with GeForce GTX Titan X for example. FPS remains stable even with medium graphics although the minimal graphics will bring frame drops sometimes.

Controls 4/5

Grand Theft Auto 5 provides true freedom of action in an open world, so the controls are quite varied, and there are plenty of them. Thanks to realistic physics, you should have some skills to master it. Even in the easiest missions. Yet the controls are made reasonably so it won’t be hard to get used to it. Overall, they are responsive.

Lasting Appeal 4.5/5

Grand Theft Auto Online that comes with a single-player version builds a huge lasting appeal. Connecting with other people in crimes is a fun activity. However, many people complain about cheaters reign in the online version, so be careful.

To complete Grand Theft Auto 5 you are going to require more than 100 hours. Keep in mind that many missions can be played differently, so there is also room for diversity. One choice is usually more straight-forward while the other is kind of sneaky. Anyway, the game is so realistic that you can just enjoy riding your bike over the city with music in the background.

Difficulty 3/5

There are no built-in difficulty levels but rather a difficulty curve. GTA 5 gets harder as you progress. We cannot claim the game is difficult; you usually get better gradually as well as your enemies. Also, Rockstar Games are very good at building the right anticipation, so you won’t get caught off guard. In an online version, you can affect the difficulty level but it causes limitation in the amount of money and RP.

Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto V

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Grand Theft Auto V
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Nov 18, 2014
Rockstar Games
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