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GarageBand is a musical app that enables you to turn your device into virtual instruments with a full studio setting. The app makes room for your creativity and musicality, letting you come up with exciting tunes wherever you are. The live loops feature enables you to create looping melodies like a DJ. You can play virtual instruments including keyboards and guitars. There is a selection of guitar amps and stompbox effects you can use to spice up your music. You can record your tunes by singing or playing Touch Instruments and make music with up to 32 tracks. There is a new feature, the Sound Library, from where you can download additional free sound effects, loops and instruments. The app has a cool design, as the screen of your device can instantaneously change to an instrument layout. When playing Touch Instruments, the entire interface is covered by the virtual representation of the instrument. The artistic aspect integrated into the design of the interface is evident. The visuals are fantastic, considering the beautiful color combinations and warm contrast. Knowing what is what on the interface is pretty simple, as the elements are well descriptive. Some of these instruments such as the keyboard have been realistically portrayed. With this in mind, the visuals of the app are pleasing to the eye. The most prominent controls here are multi-touch gestures which enable you to interact with various elements. Mastering some of the features has a gentle learning curve, so you will be able to effectively use them after a few sessions of trying things out. With that said, the usability of the app is considerably simple. Moreover, Audio Unit Extensions enable you to record third-party instruments straight through the app. Many users have expressed great satisfaction, and the reason behind this is evident — seamless usability.​



  • Realistic interactive virtual instruments
  • Offers loop templates for new users to learn
  • Contains an extensive selection of amplifiers and stompboxes.


  • May not have sound samples to suit every genre
  • Short loop time signature.
out of 5


This is a great app for music lovers and for those who are just looking for a way to unwind and express their creativity. Once you have created beautiful tracks, you can share them with people nearly instantly. GarageBand is versatile since you can play instruments, sing as you record, make live loops and create virtually any song you want.

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