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Diana Beck

An award-winning game Fortnite by Epic Games is about mining, building and surviving. But unlike Minecraft  - one of the most famous games of this genre – playing Fortnite is cool. The story line is anti-utopia where human’s population turned out to be almost extinct due to some catastrophe and now it’s fighting for its survival by gathering resources, building forts and battling zombies – typical stuff. The graphics though and the gameplay that’s what makes this game more special. The variety in this game is also amazing – an abundance of tools to use, of landscapes to live in and characters to play. No wonder this game is the users’ favorite, and here’s why.

Graphics 4/5

The graphics of Fortnite is very cinematic – it always seems like you watch a cartoon. The characters’ movements are rather realistic. It matters because you play with human characters so it allows you to deepen into the scenario of this game more. The game has a lot of animation happening during  the play but not too much so it doesn’t become annoying. It’s interesting that it’s right in the middle between some famous cinematic shooter and some typical game you play on your phone – so the graphics are exactly in between those two things.

Controls 4.5/5

The controls are pretty standard for this type of game. You need to use your movement controls and interaction. They will do everything in the game – mine, shoot, hit, enter, build etc. The only thing is that you need to remember controls for the gun range, these might be little overwhelming to remember but anyone can do it. Easy to use on the phone screen and iPad but still sometimes you need to scroll and tap too much.

Lasting Appeal 5/5

One can say that Fortnite is typical time-killer game and it doesn’t have a specific scenario. But at the same time it didn’t win multiple awards for nothing. It is truly involving and mesmerizing not only as a single player which really isn’t the main idea of this game – online multiplayer gameplay is the best part of Fortnite! You can win everyday challenges and team on team battles. You can lose hours in this game which could be contributed to cancer healing but it’s another topic.

Difficulty 4/5

  The game isn’t really difficult – anybody from 12 can handle it. And it’s not too easy at the same time. There are a lot of different challenges which are dedicated to different task types (killing, finding, building). They all are for you to choose, they’re not obligatory. Fortnite has point system, trophy and money collection so you get “hooked” to staying in this game because you want to achieve the next goal in this. And again – it’s not difficult to do this.

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