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Diana Beck
Find My iPhone
Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone app helps you find your iOS device in the event of misplacement. You can also completely erase your data when recovery becomes difficult. With Find My iPhone, gone are the days when an iOS device would get lost, and all that could follow was fear of never getting it back or the dread of your data being exposed. The app comes in handy in helping you find your device and wipe it if necessary. However, if you chose to format the device by erasing all the data, you will not be able to find it using this app. With this in mind, clearing all the data should come in as the last option. One other feature is the Lost Mode. It enables you to lock your iOS device and displays a message alerting anyone with it that you are coming for it. The app also shows your contact in case anyone with it would need to contact you. You need to enable the app in iCloud settings on your device so that you can locate it. The graphics of the app are simple and clean, which is the tradition with most Apple software products. The navigational elements are so clear that you can launch the app for the first time and use it flawlessly. The maps are excellent, the accuracy of device locations is reliable, and the visual representation of the gadget is visible enough. In terms of controls, it is almost impossible to make a wrong move with this app, thanks to the simple and clear instructive components. Once you have located a lost device icon on the map, a navigational bar at the bottom of the screen gives you three options, and these are Play Sound, Lost Mode and Erase iPhone. Their ease of accessibility is beyond question.​


  • Erase data remotely
  • Lock device using a passcode
  • Display your contact information
  • Play sound even on silent mode.


  • Cannot locate the device if it’s turned off
  • The app must be enabled in iCloud settings.
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