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DISH Network is one of the most influent American TV providers, with its own satellite network and online facilities. While it still develops its satellite broadcasting (under the name that assumes it), this app is the proof that it pays more attention to online access you don’t need a dish antenna for. Being a service provider, not a content producer, DISH Network is the example of the medium not being the message. It delivers you TV channels to watch, while you select the set of these channels. The carrier becomes less significant these days as we have the official DISH app to watch live TV or control DVRs with mobile devices. The design of the app is typical for mobile TV services, with a 7-day guide with a built-in search system, a preview grid, and a DVR control tab. Tapping on a preview screen unfolds it and launches the airing show. AS you watch in real time, ads are inevitable. But for shows you can watch later you can remotely program your DVR to get them there. The app has access to your DVR and can play records from it (of course, the device should be on). Live TV is the simplest part of it. You only need to authorize with your DISH account, and all your subscriptions become available in the app. The app features a TV guide, so you can schedule shows to watch or to record to your DVR. Sports fans will enjoy a special set of sporting features, like updating scores each minute of the game, rating of the most exciting games of all times (according to how the audience reacted), and selecting your favorite teams and leagues to receive news. DISH gets NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAAB, NCAAF covered constantly, but not only these. There is a special tab for sports events in the app, making them all available with one tap. If you like movies and TV shows, search system and info on each movie or serial is here for your pleasure. Posters, trailers and other info will help you to figure out whether any particular movie or show is worth watching. And if you can’t view it on air, you can program your DVR to save it for you right from your mobile. The app will probably be a polygon for introducing new features, as it’s easier to roll out than new hardware. But innovations by DISH are radical and sometimes too controversial, like AutoHop feature removing ads from the shows you record, that won’t be accepted by some market players. So prepare that some new features may disappear soon after implementation. Anyway, it will be fun. It would have been great to have a dedicated app for Apple TV, but, alas, it’s not even planned. Luckily, its users can watch DISH with third-party apps like WatchESPN or FXNOW, but that doesn’t provide that level of integration. Probably DISH assumes that you don’t need Apple TV or Amazon Fire when you already use a DISH receiver.


DISH Anywhere
DISH Anywhere


  • Brings DISH TV to your mobile devices
  • Unlocks the potential of both receivers and DVRs
  • Requires no additional subscription.


  • Innovations may be unstable
  • Functionality depends on DISH devices you own
  • No official app for Apple TV.
out of 5


For any DISH subscriber, this app is more than just a TV in your pocket; it’s a way to rationalize handling your TV and DVR. Scheduling, watching and recording TV hours becomes easy as never. Though new features may be controversial, watching DISH making its way in the media world is a great show by itself.

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DISH Anywhere
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