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Now a part of AT&T, DirecTV is one of the companies that reshaped what TV is to the world. It’s a satellite signal provider, bringing pictures and sounds to households via dish antennas as well as Internet broadband commutations.  The official app by DirecTV brings the same experience to your mobile. Being a provider, not a producer, DirecTV offers packs of partner channels you can watch with its services. It includes hundreds of channels, broadcasting sports and news, music and movies, serials and talk shows, comedy and kids programs, news of science and technology, religion and culture, and so on. The app requires no special subscription and works as an extension of your existing plan to your mobile devices. With it, you can view any channel included into your current plan right on your device, in streaming mode. The app also features a TV guide covering all your channels, with built-in search by name, genre, time and other parameters. If you use a home DVR, the app gets integrated with it. There is a separate app for Apple TV that can be controlled from your iPhone as a remote. As well you can use your Apple Watch as a remote control while watching some show on air or on demand. Controlling your TV would be even easier with Siri support, but the integration is yet to be made. Alas, the app has its downsides. For example, it dropped support for HDMI tethering from iPhone to TV that is still required by some old-school users. When DirecTV changes its interface, some subscribers completely dislike it. Maybe updates should be made with some attitude to those who can’t easily accept innovations, as TV is quite a conservative thing after all. Besides that, the app is quite decent in its interface and functionality. Some problems reported may be explained by some incompatibilities with other software, carrier issues, or misusage. Other drawbacks can be caused by the company’s policy. For example, you’ll need a separate DirecTV Now app to access its cloud DVR feature (launched in 2018) and on-demand movies and shows. It’s not that cheap as some alternatives; the minimum package will cost you $35/mo, and then up to the ultimate PREMIER package ($110/mo). Yet for this sum, you get subscribed to a solid pack of channels broadcasting something interesting at any given moment. Besides that, AT&T data services will let you save a lot as DirecTV data can remain free of charge.



  • Full package on your iPhone or iPad
  • TV guide built-in
  • Decent streaming quality (including 4K)
  • DVRs integrated
  • iPhone or Apple Watch as a remote control.


  • Some good old features (like HDMI tethering) get dropped while still demanded
  • No Siri integration yet
  • DirecTV Now cloud DVR still needs a separate app.
out of 5


For power TV consumers, this app is a real blessing. With it, you’re always connected, and you don’t need a TV to watch a scheduled show while you have your iPhone. It requires no separate subscription and makes your home DVR more functional. Maybe it’s not enough to make TV great again, but this revamped experience is much more of XXI century.

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  • too many Spanish channels and not enough English channels. would like to know what it would cost me to upgrade.
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  • I need the cancel directv now mobile
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