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While today’s iPhones and iPads are quite okay to film movies, why not have a software video studio on the same device? Cute CUT is just that kind of app, meant for providing all the facilities of non-linear video editing for a mobile device. In fact, this app looks just a regular video editing app should, regardless of the platform it’ been made for. Its timeline lets you import videos and static photos, text subtitles, and effects. Each video clip can be processed with a separate filter. Text can be repositioned on the screen, font and size adjusted, as well as the start and the end of it. The app has a lot of preinstalled transitions, so you can make changing clips smoother or, on the contrary, highlight it with some bright special effect. But the most advanced of all these effects is probably drawing upon the movie. You can make it live or static, use more than 30 tools to draw or write, and these drawings will be incorporated into the video. That’s how old school makes special effects! The editor lets you start with your video parameters. You can choose its resolution, audio bitrate, and orientation. It’s 2019, and you can select square output as well as portrait or landscape, for social networks need it. So the videos you import will be forced to size. Its usability will seem obvious to those already experienced with editing videos. An amateur will need some time to understand what’s done with long tapping and what with a double tap, and why not just drag it. Well, the non-linear structure makes the interface complicated a bit. But it’s a matter of experience to get used to its logic. What the app is really quick at is rendering the resulting videos. It’s a matter of seconds before it will be done. Just as quickly it processes video clips to import them into the project, even if they weren’t stored locally and had to be fetched from iCloud. The free version has the only limitation: it won’t let you export videos longer than 60 seconds. Besides that, the app will leave its watermark in the right lower corner. Both restrictions can be cancelled by buying a premium version for $5.99. As a one-time payment with no further subscription required, it seems quite a reasonable price for this editor that really gets you ready for Final Cut (when one day comes the time).

Cute CUT - Full Featured Video Editor
Cute CUT - Full Featured Video Editor


  • Supports non-linear editing, with sounds and subtitles
  • Transitions, borders, frames and other Insta-like effects for videos
  • Drawing features
  • Reasonable price for Premium, with no subscription
  • Lots of tutorials and hints right within the app.


  • For more basic operations iMovie will do
  • Limitations of the free version are quite strict.
out of 5


This app is for those deeply into making movies on their iDevices. Integrated with iCloud, utilizing the power, or multi-touch to enrich users’ abilities through interface limitations, dealing with the performance of a mobile device to do the job of a workstation, Cute Cut is really cute. And in our era of subscription, we should be thankful for having an option to pay just once.

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Cute CUT - Full Featured Video Editor
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