Michael Mack 2019-05-16 06:30

Epic Games Store up with the First Big Sale

Last December Epic Games launched its own game store, an alternative to Steam. Now it sells its own games along with third-party ones. And if you thought that Steam is enough, there’s a surprise for you. There’s a big sale going on till June, and you can get some famous and hot titles for the most attractive prices! So you better take a look.

How Much to Save?

Epic Games is out for the show of extreme generosity. Their rival to Steam is now attracting users with incredible discounts and propositions. If they sum, they really impress and make you want to try something other than Steam.
First, there are many discounts for dozens of games, including cult titles. Second, you get $10 off any game you purchase, if its current price is above $14.99. If this game is already on sale, it doesn’t matter: you get your discount off the new price. So the offer seems extremely attractive.

What’s in Store?

There are some really epic (in both meanings) games. For example, Hades, the promising isometric action, is now sold for $6.99. It’s still in early access, yet already playable and fun. The cult Shadow Complex Remastered is a great 2D Metroidvania-like adventure for almost unnoticeable $3.74. Each episode of The Walking Dead (including the spin-off featuring Michonne) will cost you just $4.99. there are also nostalgic titles like Rollercoaster Tycoon, or indie hits like Hello Neighbor, Slime Rancher or Donut County.

Among the most attractive deals we can name Metro Exodus ($34.99 with those extra $10 off), an underground survival saga set in Moscow subway in the post-nuclear future. Metro Last Light Redux is also discounted, now for $4.99 only instead of $19.99.

Ashen is also a game to pay attention to. It’s an RPG with strong social component: your character needs to build relationships with others in a fantasy world, and the more social you get, the more probable is your success. Ashen is now $19.99 instead of $39.99.

You can pre-purchase games before they are released, like, say, John Wick Hex. The price is now $7.99 instead of the regular $19.99. Borderlands 3 isn’t discounted that much, but still, you can preorder it for $49.99 and save ten bucks. Trover Saves the Universe, a fantastic adventure by one of Rick and Morty authors, is here for $16.99 instead of $29.99.

Anything Free?

Yes, there are some titles. They are, for the most part, free even off sales, selling mostly extras (not affected by the current feast). In addition, each week the store offers one paid game for free. Now it’s Stories Untold, a story-based adventure blended with point-and-click, and a survival game RiME coming soon.


We have a few. If you hoped for free DLC or passes in, say, Fortnite or Unreal Tournament, sorry: not this time. Only the original titles are subject to this sale. And there are many more ones that didn’t get any discount, so probably you can wait for the next one… or not wait.

How Long?

The sale will end on June 13. 2019. So you don’t have to hurry like it’s the last day; on the other hand, don’t postpone for too long. With prices like this, you better give unknown titles the benefit of the doubt and trust they’re really good. If not, you won’t regret that much.


It’s a great measure for promoting the store, and I hope Epic will repeat it once in a while. Even now, you can provide yourself with games to play until winter, and then the next sale will come. This sale has already made some noise.
Take our advice: spend the money you save during this sale on a new larger SSD. You’ll need lots of storage to play all these games, and even if you don’t download them all at the same time, some of them are quite large. And you better buy a larger one than you consider now. Chances are Steam will strike back.