Emma Rodriguez 2019-04-15 09:15

They Can Get Addictive: Top Classic Games For Your Phone

If you do not have a new Xbox at home, it doesn’t mean that you are not a gamer. You even do not need to win an eSport competition or follow the latest releases on Steam. Just install several games on the mobile phone, and - congratulations! Welcome to the world of gamers :)

Although the gaming industry is evolving and comes up with new technologies, like VR, a lot of people continue to play the old classic games. Are you ready to become a true gamer? Because after reading our post there is a chance you’ll become addictive. So, if you are brave enough, let’s move on and look at the TOP-5 classic games that you can install on your phone today. 


Tetris game screenshot

The Tetris history started in the summer of 1984 when the Soviet Russian game designer Alexey Pajitnov launched its first version. It was 35 years ago, could you imagine it? Furthermore, Tetris was the first entertainment software to be exported to the USA from the Soviet Union. Today, the game is available on all operating systems, video games consoles as well as on other devices, including mobile phones. 

How to play: tetriminos, shapes that consist of four squares each, fall down during the game. Your goal is to manipulate them and form horizontal lines without gaps, so that, they disappear. When a player reaches a defined number of such vanished lines, he moves to the next level. 

Angry Birds

Angry Birds game poster

Angry Birds is much younger than Tetris and was first launched in 2009. And after 6 years a sequel of the popular game was also released for iOS and Android. Rovio Mobile, the game developer, supports the game on a regular basis, and always adds new features and makes free updates. It gains popularity because of its comic style, low price, and addictive gameplay. 

How to play: the player must run the birds into the pigs with the help of a slingshot. The level will be passed if the user destroys all the pigs. Commonly, pigs use block structures as a shelter.


Snake game

Snake is well-known as one of the first games that appeared on mobile phones. Maybe you even remember the classic black-white Nokia version? Of course, now it significantly improved: new graphics, more saturated colors, and more interesting levels. 

How to play: a gamer uses an arrow to direct his snake, eat different fruits (or cubes like in the retro version). As a result, your snake is growing, and you move on to the harder levels. But be careful, try not to eat your tail or hit the obstacles.

Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia game poster

If you are interested in history, you probably play the Prince of Persia. It is one of the oldest games, that was first released in 1989 by Jordan Mechner for the Apple II computer. The Prince of Persia refers to a fantasy cinematic platformer, that is a subgenre of an action game. It takes place in ancient Persia. A sultan is waging war far from home. So, his vizier Jaffar decided that there is the best moment to seize the throne and the power. He kidnapped the princess and gave her an ultimatum: to become his wife or die.

How to play: a player needs to escape from the prison, fight with enemies in the dangerous dungeons, and save the princess from Jaffar. 

Crazy Taxi

Crazy Taxi game poster

It is not a secret, that the vast majority of the first mobile phone games were transferred from the video games. And Crazy Taxi is not an exception. The first version for iOS and Android was released only in 2014. Nevertheless, it’s a must-have game for those who always dream to feel themselves as a real taxi racer. 

How to play: a gamer, who is a taxi driver, has to transport the passengers to the destination as fast as possible and earn money. One hint: if you want to be paid more, learn several road maneuvers. 

Here is just a small list of good old mobile phone games, that are still popular and competitive even with new games. And what is your favorite? Write in the comments below!