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Paid iPhone Apps Gone Absolutely Free

The iPhones are considered the most popular smartphones in the world, and you already know why—top hardware, iconic design, great camera, and stellar performance. There are thousands of apps to backup the physical aspects of iPhones, and you can easily download them from the Apple App Store. Whether you are looking for a great recipe for Thanksgiving or want to boost your dating prospects, your device can do anything for you— and we are here to help you get all these amazing apps.

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We have got an amazing collection of paid iPhone apps from different categories that have gone completely free. If you are looking for a really good widget to put your top contacts, or an all-purpose photo editing app with great color and exposure adjustments, our list has got it all with the download links. 

With these quality downloads, we are here to make your life simpler and enjoyable—we have got some great paid iPhones apps that you can download for absolutely free for a limited time. These apps have been made free by their developers, and we have no affiliation with any of them. We are not sure how long these apps will be free as the promotion for each app may just get over in an hour, a day, a week or a month. We can only guarantee you that these apps were free on the Apple App Store when this article was written. If you click on a download link and see the sticker “free” or “get” instead of a price, this means that the sale is still going on, and you are lucky to have that app absolutely free to play. If you don’t see that free/get sticker, but only see a price, then the offer has been ended by the app developer, and you will be charged by Apple if you proceed to download the app. 

We would like to recommend careful checking for the in-app purchase option on the download page, as many apps require you to pay to unlock additional features or benefits. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to receive notifications on similar posts and download the best iPhone apps absolutely free.

AllStarSlams Pixel Jam

AllStarSlams Pixel Jam game screenshot

Normal Price $2.99.

This iPhone game is a huge slam dunk for all Basketball fans. The world literally owes the brilliant mind—James Naismith, who was behind the invention of the Basketball game. The team sport was first played in December 1891, and it has evolved into one of the most popular games with hundreds of millions of fans. It is worth mentioning that many Basketball Associations, such as NBA, are considered as the pioneer of social change. There have been many Basketball superstars reaching the legendary status with their unbelievable athletic achievements, and they have touched the hearts of millions and popularized Basketball in different parts of the world.

Developed by Catacala LLC, this Pixel Art Slam Dunk Simulator from the Arcade gaming genre is all about helping you to become the next Basketball superstar. It brings all the excitement of the real gaming environment where you are the superstar player. AllStarSlam is surely addictive enough to keep you coming back and back again for getting more slam dunks. For a mobile game of Basketball, the graphics are just okay, but the controls are simple and intuitive.

Big Truck–Mine Express Racing

Big Truck–Mine Express Racing game screenshot

Normal Price $1.99.

It won’t be a lie if we say the Big Truck–Mine Express Racing is a really cool and fun game to play. With amazing controls, players will try to deliver items via challenging courses. This game is not about racing to win, but more of a perfect and seamless curve physics that you will actually find relaxing. We are sure you will admit that it is one of the most addictive racing games; it would be difficult to leave once you start playing Big Truck. This game will keep you on your toes, you will observe the days passing by and the nights arriving while you are stuck on your game level.

Although Big Truck falls within the racing game genre, it offers a different kind of gaming experience as it is more about balancing and carrying a number of goods. With a nice soundtrack, players just need to tap on the play button to start the game. Each round begins with an accurate amount of goods dropped into their trucks. Touching the right side of the phone’s screen will accelerate the truck, while touching the left side will slow it down. You can also tilt the device to balance the truck. To reach the end level, players need a perfect balance of speed while maintaining the same number of goods, otherwise, they have to retry.


BOT-NET game screenshot

Normal Price $1.99.

BOT-NET can be easily considered as a new paradigm in cross-platform multiplayer games for smartphones and PC VR. This exclusive six-degrees-of-freedom (6DoF) will definitely bring your pals off from couches to play this battle with you against A.I. robots–Find, Battle, and Survive. BOT-NET is the very first full-scale AR robot battle with a mission for you: regain your tower and annihilate your enemies before they kill you. 

When this 6DoF first-person-shooter loads up, its digital world will overlay the real world so that gamers can use its amazing fire, motion and touch controls in a small area like dragging left trackpad to move or using the right trackpad to turn. If you are playing this game in a park or any wider area, you can use its full motion controls such as walking around, dodging projectiles or staying in cover as your team works its way through to destroy A.I. robots. BOT-NET’s 80s synth music that plays in the background will keep you energized and motivated. Its movielike events and short, quick burst of spatial tracking gameplay add extra awesomeness.

Filter Candy

Filter Candy app screenshot

Normal Price $0.99.

Apple App Store is filled with photo editing apps that give an extra bit of pop to your snapshots—in fact, it is really difficult to choose from thousands of such apps that promise to transform your photos. Filter Copy is definitely one of those apps that stand out from the crowd; its film-emulation presets and editing tools stir your inspiration and take your senses to another level. While there are many similar apps on the iOS App Store, we are unsure of their quality. Unlike many apps with complicated interfaces and overwhelming filters and presets, Filter Copy is clean and minimalistic. With preset packs not limited to Essential, Classic, Instant, creative, Black, with cool editing tools like grain, sharpness, vignette, saturation, exposure, etc., we highly recommend giving it a download.

Magic Contacts Pro with Notification Center Widget

Magic Contacts Pro with Notification Center Widget app screenshot

Normal Price $2.99.

Widgets are the tiny applets that are one of the iOS platform’s most useful features. These can be placed on the home screen of your smartphone for at-a-glance information. If you want a neat technique to organize your favorite contacts and want to access them quickly, Magic Contacts Pro lets you do that. This app goes beyond your typical phone call launch features, it lets you easily connect with your favorite contacts via Facetime, text, email, WhatsApp, and Telegram, etc. You can also customize your connection list in groups to access them quickly. You can even create a one touch group widget to connect to all contacts on that list. Magic Contacts Pro supports T9 keyboard capabilities and 3D touch. These additions make it a far more useful app than others. Say goodbye to opening every app to contact anyone in different ways by downloading Magic Contacts Pro.

Smart Resize 2x

Smart Resize 2x app screenshot

Normal Price $2.99.

We always want to make sure that our digital art is large enough for print or selling, and we usually get good results with many mobile editing and enhancing apps. While these apps can typically handle the usual smartphone’s camera size and give amazing results right off the bat, we are not sure about the size of the final image. You may end up spending time creating a piece of digital art and getting the print size not large enough. The Smart Resize 2x is specially designed to handle this problem, it is a quick and easy way to double the size of your snapshots with no blurriness or pixelation. The app is sleek, well designed and produces incredible results that can be easily compared with PC-based software. This app can not only do the resizing, it also utilizes a deformable background algorithm to adjust image size ratio and make it perfect fit for Instagram posts.

SOS defense

SOS defense app screenshot

Normal Price $0.99.

SOS defense belongs to the Tower Defense (TD), a subgenre of strategy games where players are tasked with the mission to defend their territories, thwart the enemy's plans by blocking their paths. SOS defense combines the dynamics of the TD genre with classic physics based games making it unpredictable and fun. The game is challenging where gravity and physical force impact your defense and enemies’ movement, making you adjust your tactics while being under pressure. SOS defense has got a unique aesthetics with simple visuals; there are only gray, black and red geometric shapes. With 3 game modes and 45 levels, we are sure this game will keep you busy the whole time, and you will thoroughly enjoy playing it.

Tweety Pro Widgets for Twitter

Tweety Pro Widgets for Twitter app screenshot

Normal Price $1.99.

Wanna see the tweets on a widget? Tweety Pro Widgets for Twitter is the only app you should have on your iPhone to receive the notifications. Now you don’t need to exit any app or game you are using to see your twitter feed as Tweety brings the entire conversation right from the widget. With a simple interface and variety of customization options, Tweety allows you to fave, re-tweet or even open the tweet from Twitter right from the widget.

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Turn your iPhone into a jack of all trades by downloading these premium apps for absolutely free. We are not sure when the sale ends, so hurry up and install these free downloads. Do tell us your experience in the comments section: what free apps you liked from this list?