Michael Mack 2019-10-02 02:30

Apple Arcade: All you Need to Know

Apple has launched early access to its new gaming service. The official presentation will take place only on September 19, at the new Apple Event. Apple Arcade users will have access to a selection of completely new games that are not available on any other mobile platform or any other subscription.

This service has a completely new idea: instead of paying for each game separately, you can subscribe to Apple Arcade and play any games for free. Apple Arcade will be available in more than 150 countries and regions.

What is Apple Arcade?

Apple Arcade

In fact, this is the premium section of the App Store, where you can find an exclusive game selection by Apple. The first hundred games of 2019 were generally developed with the support of Cupertino. They do not have microtransactions, advertising, and other unpleasant things you can face in a game from the App Store. The entire library is available by one subscription, and you do not need to buy anything separately.

Apple is not only engaged in the selection of games for Apple Arcade, but also financially supports developers, and also works closely with game authors to help bring their ideas to life. Games for Apple Arcade are created by the most famous developers in the world and will undoubtedly please users with exciting gameplay, fascinating stories, bewitching graphics, and sounds. The service will feature games by such developers as Annapurna Interactive, Bossa Studios, Cartoon Network, Finji, Giant Squid, Klei Entertainment, Konami, LEGO, Mistwalker Corporation, SEGA, Snowman, Ustwo games, and many others.

What devices is Apple Arcade available on?

Apple Arcade is available on all current Apple devices, except for smartwatches. As to smartphones, the service will be available starting from the iPhone 6, and among tablets – from iPad Mini 4 and later. For Mac computers (including laptops), the service will appear only on those that can be updated to macOS Catalina (devices of 2016 or newer). All this means that Apple Arcade is a cross-platform service, and you can start playing on your smartphone, continue on the MacBook or any other Apple gadget.

How to sign in Apple Arcade?

The first thing you have to do is to update your device to the latest version of the operating system (iOS 13 or macOS Catalina). On iOS 13, the entire App Store looks new, and you will easily find the Apple Aracde tab. 

A new tab has replaced the ‘Updates’ section. Once you tap on it, you’ll explore a game rating and feedback system similar to the rest of the App Store. The header of each game page immediately demonstrates its gameplay.

If you already updated your device to the newest OS, you have to:

  • Go to the App Store;
  • Click the Arcade tab;
  • Follow the welcome message to get 30 days of trial version or buy a subscription.

Apple Arcade will automatically charge you after the trial period ends, but you can unsubscribe from your App Store account the day before the renewal if you decide to opt-out. To cancel the free subscription, click on the account icon in the upper right corner of any App Store window. Then click ‘Subscriptions’, select Apple Arcade, and then click ‘Cancel Free Trial’ to complete.

How to play games on Apple Arcade?

Apple promises that the Apple Arcade catalog will provide 100 games at the beginning. New games will be introduced in the coming weeks, and additional games will be released every month. 

  1. To find a game, either scroll through the Apple recommendations in the main Arcade window or scroll to the bottom of the page and click "View All Games”; 
  2. Once you find the game, click "Download";
  3. After Arcade downloads the game to your phone, click "Play";
  4. When the process is completed, you’ll have to log in to Game Center, Apple's multi-player gaming service, or click “Not Now” to avoid the Game Center and start playing.

Can I connect a gamepad from a PS4 or Xbox to an iPhone or iPad?

Of course, you can play any Apple Arcade game using a console gamepad if you want to as well as special gamepads for mobile devices.  To connect a controller, you have to hold down the station search button until the diode starts flashing and connect the device using the Bluetooth settings.

To Sum up

“We are going to move to the next level with Apple Arcade, the first game subscription service for iOS, Mac and Apple TV. Apple Arcade games are great for families, will respect the privacy of users and do not contain ads or any additional purchases. We think players of all ages will love Apple Arcade”, says Phil Schiller, Apple Senior Vice President.

Apple Arcade is a completely new thing in the gaming world. Will gamers like it? The time will tell. But for now, we’d like to hear from you! What do you think about the new feature from Cupertino developers? Do you find it useful? Let us know!