Adobe Acrobat Reader: Annotate, Scan, & Send PDFs

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Diana Beck
Adobe Acrobat Reader: Annotate, Scan, & Send PDFs
Adobe Acrobat Reader: Annotate, Scan, & Send PDFs

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a convenient app for viewing, annotating, and signing PDF documents. You can quickly read files, do searches, zoom in and out conveniently as well as scroll through pages. Adobe Acrobat Reader offers you reliable PDF solutions, as it delivers what it claims. You can toggle between Single Page reading or Continuous mode. There are several annotation features which enable you to add notes as you comment on content you’ve read. You can mark up text to highlight key points. Moreover, the app allows for multiple commenting as you can work with others in making comments on a PDF for reviewing purposes. You can share documents with friends, and efficiently open PDFs shared with you. The app provides easy access to documents you’ve scanned using your device. You can also fill out and sign PDF forms conveniently by entering text into fields. Another feature allows you to print your documents over a network. There is nothing extraordinary about graphics, but it gives the app a professional look. The interface is distinctively designed with a white palette and black text components with solid contrast. The layout of the home page is simple, which makes it easier to understand and define basic functions. For example, a navigational bar at the bottom of the screen is well visible for quick accessibility. Looking at controls, navigational elements describe the represented functions clearly, which translates to ease of use. One of the downsides with regards to navigation is that editing tools are not that intuitive. These have a steep learning curve before you can efficiently use them. For enhanced user experience, you can purchase optional content such as Acrobat Pro DC and Adobe Export PDF which are available as monthly and annual subscriptions. Otherwise, the app is easy to learn and master.​


  • You can combine documents into one PDF file
  • There are numerous advanced features
  • OCR document scans
  • You can print PDFs.


  • The editing tools are not that intuitive to use
  • Opening PDF documents may take some time.
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