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Online shopping always has something very attractive to offer, like a whole lot of garage sales available right from your phone. Shops also exploit this effect: you all know about American and then Chinese online stores going really gigantic on it. Wish is a rival to Alibaba, Gearbest, Tinydeal and other famous stores from China, offering even more incredible discounts and deals. As you launch the app, it shows you the list of available categories, including electronics, bags, footwear, clothes, watches, car accessories and so on. Each of these categories starts with a list of incredible deals, down to -93% and even more. Don’t worry if you feel suspicious looking at such bargains: the original prices are obviously overhyped. To calculate the real profit of a particular deal, you better find the same item in rival stores. Wish offers a whole set of payment options. It accepts money via traditional payment systems (PayPal, Payoneer) and gates for traditional bank payments (Bill.com, Allpay, PingPong, and others). Some of them require just your account (like PayPal), others want your bank information, so you better issue a virtual credit card if you’re this concerned about security. It’s been reported that some accounts were hacked and addresses changed, so the items they bought were delivered somewhere else. What else is suspicious about this app is rating system hidden too deep. What you read on the item’s card is the overall description; but in order to read the more detailed reviews, you need to go to the store’s page, which seems too complicated for many users. On the contrary, making your payment is as simplified as can be. It seems a manipulation, encouraging you to leap before you look. So if you want to make a good deal on Wish, don’t be that impulsive. Read reviews, calculate profits, and take risks if you dare. It’s an even better idea to read reviews on independent sites. The frequent story about unlucky deals says that after some dispute customers get their money back, but delivery cost, unlike the item itself, is not subject to refunding. It doesn’t mean that you should avoid Wish. Sometimes it’s a real chance to buy a good thing much cheaper, if you believe in your luck. Sometimes one good deal can cover two or three disappointments. So Wish is a combination of an online mall and an online casino; quite a special kind of fun. So why not using it, but not for things you rely on every day.

Wish - Shopping Made Fun
Wish - Shopping Made Fun


  • Some items are really cheap
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Large catalogue
  • Various payment methods supported
  • Offers some items not available on other sites (e.g. weapon accessories).


  • Items quality not granted
  • Delivery is always paid and never refunded
  • Poor feedback.
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What Wish does not grant is decent quality of its goods. What Wish does grant is a long funny lottery. If you feel this hazardous and believe in your lucky star, you can try buying something with it. Many people are satisfied with their Wish shopping. But remember that delivery is always paid and never refunded.

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  • I accidentally ordered items. I had put items in my cart so that I didn't lose them and could compare to like items. I wanted to look at how much all the items would cost so I clicked the slide to paid button thinking it would show a total and not actually purchase the items. Of course you know that it is payment. So I canceled all items immediately!! I had all items canceled within 30 minutes. Your policy states that if the items are canceled within 8 hours you will not be charged. We both know that's a lie. I canceled in less than a 30 minutes of sliding. However, I was still charged ($856.39) and some of the items have been delivered. I have contacted BBB and my bank. I need the $856.39 to pay my bills!! Please honor your policy and return my money. I'll return the items. Are you able to do that?
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  • I have two out standing order, and they are refusing to give me a answer of any kind to where it is. I will never buy anything from wish again.
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  • Had sent questions re pricing. What is on offer is different when the order is made. Usually the price of the product and the delivery charges are all different from what is seen in the ad. Had sent in a question re a pair pants interested to purchase and hear no reply as yet.
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    • In reply to Thomas, if you click to buy, go to your cart and check what they are charging before you click/swipe to buy. If the postage is not what you thought it was, try to find the product in a different part of their catalogue, you may find it with cheaper charges. I have found if you buy something FREE, the postage is greater than if you actually PAY for the product.
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