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For smart home fans, there’s probably nothing more basic and more necessary than remotely controlled smart plugs, switches, or dimmers. Belkin, the famous accessory manufacturer, offers its own series of these devices under Wemo brand. If you have at least one (or several) Wemo devices installed around your home, you can control them with this app remotely. It’s hard to cover all you can do with this app (or rather with this hardware and software system). You can control the light in your house remotely, so when you have to leave your bedroom at night, you have your lights on in every room or corridor you’re to visit. Coming home from work, you can remotely activate your electric kettle, so when you reach home, the water is already boiling. If in the morning you’re worried about electric devices you could have left powered, you can remotely check whether they are, and turn them off if necessary. Not limited by Wemo devices, the app can also control smart home thermostats by Nest and some other compatible connectable devices. The more Wemo devices you utilize, the more scenarios can be used with them and the app. And if you have a smart home assistant by Amazon or Apple, you can connect them to form one multifunctional interface. So when at home, you’ll just need to say Alexa or Siri to turn on the light in some room, or to turn on this or that plug, or to dim the lights – whatever your Wemo hardware is capable of. When you’re away, you can schedule the app to turn the lights on and off randomly, making an illusion of someone in. It’s been reported that dozens of Wemo devices can work correctly on one account. You can make more complicated scenarios utilizing IFTTT service. Spending some time on programming the system will pay, as the home saves you more time and efforts. And if you don’t want to go that far, you can just connect your Wemo world to Apple HomeKit by buying Wemo Bridge and connecting it to your router. Finally, the app offers full manual control over each and every device you have connected. Last but not least, the app allows for scheduling, so you won’t even have to switch on the lights by the time you plan to enter the home. The app will do it automatically by the time you approach or by the sunset. That makes your life in a smart home even easier, as you don’t even have to touch the screen to command it. At least, so it all should work if set up correctly (alas, it’s not always so).



  • Large selection of compatible devices
  • Flexible setup and control
  • Voice commands with smart home assistants
  • Compatible with IFTTT to make it even more personal.


  • Multiple connection issues reported
  • Compatibility with Apple HomeKit requires a separate device.
out of 5


If you’re making yourself a smart home, Wemo sockets, dimmers and switches can be an essential part of it. And if you decide on these, Wemo app is the only program service to fully control it remotely. But you can get it even greater if using some compatible service (like Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, or IFTTT) smartly.

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