letgo: Buy & Sell Second Hand Stuff Review

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All the things should belong to those who need them. This principle hardly can be fulfilled in real life, but we tend to it, buying what we need and selling what we don’t. letgo is the commercial network for those periodically selling and buying. If you want to get rid of some old things for some sum, you can publish it on letgo. If you want to buy some clothes, techs, furniture, real estate, or whatever, cheaper than new items, or something that’s already discarded and not manufactured anymore, you can search for it on letgo. Of course, it only handles legal services and items. Much more visual than traditional lists, letgo offers you a visual catalogue with icons marking categories. Tap on an icon with a car, a shoe, a bed, a phone, a house, or any other item to open the list on this category. Then you can enter or speak your search word to localize your search. Due to location services, you can select the closest deals to you, so you won’t have to go further than you really need. Built-in chat system provides confidential communication between the seller and the buyer. The greatest thing is that you don’t have to tell your real name as you register or communicate with other users, until you make a real appointment. The basic problem of trust is solved by ratings and reviews. The better is the seller (or the buyer), the more favorable reviews they receive, and it shows in their profiles. This Uber-style system will help to select from multiple attractive deals and discard the riskiest ones. What makes selling on letgo easier is its image recognition system. As you make a snap of the item you want to sell, chances are the system will tell what it is, title it, and automatically publish it in the right category. As for 2019, letgo lists over 200 million deals, not including already inactive, and 75 million active users all over the world. In theory, letgo is supposed to be a worldwide service, but in practice, for some countries it’s inactive. Though the primary markets for letgo are USA, Canada, Spain, France, Norway, Sweden, and Turkey, we also tried searching for deals in Australia, Belarus, Indonesia, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, and there were some. So the service really gets global. But many Latin American, Arabic or Indochina countries are not listed at all in its drop-down list. And if you happen to live in one of these, you’ll have to wait until letgo gives a go in there.

letgo: Buy & Sell Second Hand Stuff
letgo: Buy & Sell Second Hand Stuff


  • Millions of listings and users
  • Image recognition system that eases posting
  • Built-in chat
  • Location services
  • Confidentiality granted.


  • Not really working worldwide.
out of 5


Being the new Craigslist, letgo is the service that could only be developed in smartphone era, when one device in your pocket combines a camera, a communicator, a navigator and a mobile bank. It’s equally easy to sell something with it and find what you want to buy. Confidential when it comes to your private data but public with ratings and reviews, this app grants as much safety as possible.

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letgo: Buy & Sell Second Hand Stuff
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  • I have used this service several times and have very fortunate with the services and the products as well.
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