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Being among the most famous manufacturers of portable speakers, JBL features, among all, its own technology named JBL Connect. That is if you have several of speakers by this brand, or maybe your friends have some more, you can join them all to make a multispeaker acoustic system, playing the same tracks with no delay. That’s achieved by software and hardware syncing, and JBL Connect as an app provides this effect on the phone’s side. Not that the app is really necessary if you just want to make a single speaker a temporary sound output. But if you want more than default Bluetooth protocol can provide (and JBL has lots of these features), the app is necessary for unlocking them. JBL Connect has been made for a whole range of JBL speakers, including Flip 3/4, Charge 3/4, Pulse 2/3, Boombox and Xtreme. It can be seen in its design, showing all supported models, so you just need to tap yours. All of these speakers have some features that go beyond some no-name Bluetooth acoustics, and that requires special controlling tricks. For example, when it comes to Pulse, JBL Connect controls lights as well as the sound. Analyzing the music, it sets the tempo of flashlights, so they react much quicker than if they relied on the mic.  Alas, the app only helps you to select light mode; if you want them off, you’ll have to push the physical button. Two identical speakers can be used in Stereo mode, with channel splitting, so you can select which of the speakers will be the left and which the right. For more of them, there is Party mode, making them all play the same track with precise syncing (at least in theory). For speakerphones with a built-in mic, the app provides integration with voice assistants. The app, of course, is free; or rather its price is already included when you buy a speaker. Though some might expect the opposite, it doesn’t improve sound quality in any possible way when you use a single speaker. But when it comes to a bunch of them, JBL Connect comes on strong. Alas, you cannot be sure that JBL Connect will also be a JBL Correct. It may refuse to pair devices of different product lines, though, in theory, they’re all Connect-equipped. And even if you do, sometimes it would switch from Stereo to Party mode. It’s not the premium behavior you expect from such a vendor. So don’t try to be the first to test the updates; you better learn from others’ mistakes. And if there are any, wait for the next update that proves itself good.

JBL Connect
JBL Connect


  • Greatly enhances the features of your JBL devices
  • Coordinates multiple speakers
  • Remote control of devices
  • Voice assistants integration.


  • Syncing speakers are not guaranteed (though in theory, it should work).
out of 5


If you have a park of several Connect-equipped JBL devices, or you have one as well as your friends do, JBL Connect is the app you should bring to every party to enjoy it fully. No need to drag in these half-human-height systems; three or four Pulses or Charges will make your party sound right. But don’t hurry to update the app before other users confirm that it’ okay this time.

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