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Citrix Workspace is a handy app that enables you to access and interact with the web and mobile apps, files, computers, and SaaS, ensuring that your productivity is optimized even when out of the office. As long as your organization has configured Citrix, you are at liberty to work remotely from your mobile device. Essentially, the application gives you authentication to access organization systems outside the company’s premises regardless of your actual location. You can retrieve files, use applications, share information and perform a wide range of other crucial operations. You can get in touch with your IT department for help on how to get started. The app has a well-organized and professional design. When accessing computers, the interface becomes distinctively similar to that of a PC layout. One page displays all your applications and computer devices you can access. This listing is divided into two sections, Recent and Favorites. This gives you convenience in browsing devices and apps according to categories, thus narrowing down your search and saving significant time. Icon representation of all apps are familiar, so you will not have any issues with figuring out what is on the screen. Three navigational components at the bottom — Favorites, Apps, and Settings — allow you to navigate to specific content quickly. Once your system has been configured for use with Citrix, usability becomes flawless. Design of core features and elements has been done in such a way that you will know how to get to where you need. For example, when accessing desktops, the device displays desktop content as it would typically appear on a physical PC. This familiarity will enable you to interact with content intuitively. The original icons of various applications such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint have been used, so you will immediately know where they are without any problem.

Citrix Receiver
Citrix Receiver


  • Enables you to remotely access desktops, apps, and files
  • Has stringent authentication protocols before granting access
  • Facilitates enhanced productivity while on the go.


  • May perform unsatisfactorily on some devices
  • Not overly impressive interface design, though easy to use.
out of 5


Remote work is becoming one of the top strategies of minimizing crowds in offices, and Citrix Workspace is an app that comes in handy in facilitating this. This doesn’t mean that now you will never go back to your office, but the app enables you to continue to work as if you are still at your workplace.

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